Letter of Motivation

How to write a motivational letter for studying in Canada? (also known as Statement of Purpose or Study Plan)

When we assist a student with their application for a study visa, we assign them homework: to draft a motivational letter where the following questions are well addressed:

1)Why are you choosing to study in Canada? (General motivation compared to studying in your home country or neighbouring countries, career prospects, etc.)
2)Why have you chosen this specific professional program? Did you apply for others, and why did you settle on this one?
3)How do you plan to apply your Canadian education when you return to your home country? (For example, what position do you see yourself in immediately after completing the program, provide a link to the position)
4)Are there any other circumstances that influence your decision to study in Canada? (But do not specify immigration as the goal)
5️) Who will support you financially during your studies?

This draft letter is later reviewed by our consultants, who always strive to maintain your individuality and writing style while highlighting the most positive aspects of your candidacy.

It's very important to explain your motivation well to avoid getting rejected.

Need help with reviewing/writing your motivation letter? Feel free to reach out to us for assistance!