When to submit your application to study in Canada?

The most important step during the process of applying to Canada is submitting your application on time Adhering to application deadlines is especially crucial for university applicants, as, after the stated application deadline, your application may not be accepted.

Colleges often begin admitting students without announcing a specific application deadline and continue until the program is filled or the quota for admitting foreign students is reached. Universities, on the other hand, will wait until the application deadline is over before commencing the evaluation process, ranking candidates based on their grades and the strength of their application.

The next important step and frequently asked question is: How long should one wait for an acceptance letter from a Canadian college, school, or university? We always advise prospective students to be patient and understand that submitting an application does not mean immediate acceptance. In colleges, the timeline depends on how early you submit a complete application, while in universities, the competitiveness of your application may be a more important factor.

For example, Ontario colleges will begin processing applications for September 2024 after all students in the current semester (Winter 2023) begin their classes. If you submit your documents to the college as early as November 2023, you can expect to receive a conditional or unconditional acceptance letter (also known as an Offer Letter or Letter of Acceptance, or simply LOA) on average after 1-2 months of waiting, typically in January.