Will language school help with immigration to Canada?

If you've decided to immigrate to Canada, knowing English or French is essential. How you choose to learn the language or, more accurately, bring your language skills to a "passable" level largely depends on you. Whether it's through tutors, language courses, or self-study using online programs, all methods are effective, and there is no specific requirement to take language courses in Canada for immigration purposes.

However, will language courses from a Canadian language school help in your immigration preparation?

Here are the top 5 reasons to study language courses in Canada:

  1. You'll be in a group with students at a similar language level, but from different countries. Everything is taught only in English or French, ensuring language practice.
  2. Certified teachers, and native speakers, with experience working with future or newly arrived immigrants, will teach you. Teaching in Canada is interactive, with regular feedback and advice on how to improve your weaknesses. Teachers are ready to answer all your questions, even personal ones.
  3. Immigration and life in Canada are often topics of discussion, and you can propose them for a group project or ask your teacher to cover specific topics using vocabulary relevant to your situation, such as resume writing or interview skills.
  4. You'll build a network in Canada before even landing in the new country. You can always ask your fellow students who have already arrived in Canada about their experiences.
  5. The cost of group online classes, which you can start any Monday, is often lower than hiring a tutor. Even the most qualified tutor, despite their best efforts, can't provide an immersive conversational environment.

When assessing your chances of immigration, your language proficiency level will always be a question. If you don't have a formal assessment (such as previous IELTS test results), you can usually get a preliminary free assessment through one of our many partner schools. If you want to immigrate to Canada, evaluate your language level. To do this, simply contact us!