Where to live in Canada as a student?

Before coming to study in Canada, it's important to plan your accommodation in advance. There are three main options for new students:

1)On-Campus Residence:

On-campus residence is one of the most convenient accommodation options because it is located in close proximity to the university campus where your classes will be held. It's advisable to secure a spot in the residence well in advance due to high demand.
Rooms in on-campus residences can be single, double, or quad, and you may need to share a bathroom and kitchen with roommates. However, this is an excellent way to make new friends in a new country. The cost of residence accommodation varies depending on the university and its location, typically ranging from $500 to $1500 CAD.


Homestay is an ideal choice for younger students who may not be accustomed to independent living. If you choose homestay as your accommodation, you will have your own room in a host family's home, and meals are often included in the cost.
The cost of homestay accommodation can vary from $500 to $900 CAD, depending on the living conditions and meal arrangements.

3)Renting an Apartment or House:

More independent students may choose to rent an apartment or house immediately. Keep in mind that renting an apartment in Canada while you are in another country can be quite challenging, and landlords may require payment for several months in advance.
The cost of renting an apartment varies based on its size, location, and the number of people sharing it. The average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto is around $2500 CAD per month.

We offer free assistance to our students in finding an on-campus residence or a host family. Feel free to reach out for help!